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Man on a bench reading, in a field near the edge of a cliff


It’s always interesting (to me, anyway) to see what passing news stories and comment articles exercise the people I follow on social media the most. On Friday, I stumbled across a number of people being very frustrated about an opinion piece in the Guardian by James Colley, about why you

Child sitting reading a picture book in a library


I’ve just spent a jolly weekend in Birmingham with some old friends, and as part of our activities this afternoon we went off to raid a fine array of charity shops in the part of town where they live. Amongst the truly baffling range of furniture items on offer, the

Stay safe?

Safe. Adjective. Six definitions, according to the OED: Protected from or not exposed to danger or risk; not likely to be harmed or lost Not likely to cause or lead to harm or injury; not involving danger or risk; (of a place) affording security or protection (Derogatory) Cautious and unenterprising

Get angry and do something

OK, it’s not my catchiest post title. No puns, no clever sideways references. But I mean it. Really. Because I’m sick and tired of reading about happenings labelled as ‘tragic’, and outcomes leaving people ‘disappointed’. We are way beyond disappointingly tragic. We have officially hit catastrophically, potentially permanently disastrous. So