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Students clustered around a book, working something out

Put your back into it

I’ve been having tremendous fun this term teaching a course on the history of music criticism at City Lit. We’ve only had four sessions so far, but we’ve already covered some pretty major points for discussion including what should/shouldn’t fall within a reviewer’s domain; whether ad hominem arguments are allowed

Image problems

If you were watching this website a fortnight ago, you will have come across a post I wrote called ‘Tale Spin’, and the challenges (so-called) of writing a biography for someone like Brahms who, in comparison with some of his wilder contemporaries, did not really live the kind of life

Opera boxes?

Yesterday afternoon, as I was idly flicking through Twitter, I discovered some photos of Welsh National Opera’s latest print marketing campaign. The blurb draws parallels between well-known musicals, such as Miss Saigon and Rent, and their operatic parallels (both Madam Butterfly and La Bohème feature in WNO’s upcoming season). Some

Take note

In 2004, full of trepidation that it wasn’t going to be good enough, I submitted my first paid programme note job to the staff of Lakeside Arts, Nottingham. I was a Masters student at the university there, and they needed someone to write about some of the Bartók string quartets