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Education But

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. And I want to begin with a question. How would you define ‘education’? Think about it for a moment, and jot down some stuff. Done that? Good. Next question. What would you therefore define as ‘educational’? I’m thinking activities, projects, participatory things, events

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Put your back into it

I’ve been having tremendous fun this term teaching a course on the history of music criticism at City Lit. We’ve only had four sessions so far, but we’ve already covered some pretty major points for discussion including what should/shouldn’t fall within a reviewer’s domain; whether ad hominem arguments are allowed

Christmas Liszt

Dear Santa, It’s been a while – hope the reindeer are holding up after all this year’s adverts suggesting you’re travelling by minicab. I’m sure the folks at FIFA have been bothering you about it, too [ed.: Festive Institute of Flying Animals].  Still, at least the whole NSA scandal seems

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