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‘Good’ art

One of the great delights of working in so many different roles, in combination with reading a completely all-over-the-place, whatever-comes-off-the-shelf-first sort of collection of books, is that sometimes connections emerge between multiple strands of my activities and leisure reading which make for rather interesting alignments. This week has most definitely

Inside the box

A few days ago, a friend directed me to a fascinating article on the ever thought-provoking Aeon magazine site, about stupidity at work. Not the sit-on-the-photocopier-with-your-pants-down kind of stupidity – nor indeed the stupidity of getting something catastrophically wrong and landing your superiors in hot water. This is about the

Keeping it Real

Have you noticed that almost everything we now refer to as ‘3D’ actually… isn’t? Clever phone screens, high-tech films and silly glasses, the latest computer games where you fling yourself around your living room to be projected into the action – they’re all terribly clever of course, but they’re not

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