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Fair fight

A few weeks ago, some friends of mine travelled abroad for a European city break. When they returned and we’re telling me what they’d got up to, they giggled at the memory of one evening, spent sitting in a restaurant and having a fine meal and a lively conversation. Apparently

Fair warning

In June 2013, on a clear summer’s evening, I staggered out of the London Coliseum and made my way to the Hungerford Bridge. Leaning over the railings, I stared out at the water, took deep breaths, and tried to sort myself out before heading back to Waterloo on my way

Christmas Liszt

Dear Santa, It’s been a while – hope the reindeer are holding up after all this year’s adverts suggesting you’re travelling by minicab. I’m sure the folks at FIFA have been bothering you about it, too [ed.: Festive Institute of Flying Animals].  Still, at least the whole NSA scandal seems