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Students clustered around a book, working something out

Put your back into it

I’ve been having tremendous fun this term teaching a course on the history of music criticism at City Lit. We’ve only had four sessions so far, but we’ve already covered some pretty major points for discussion including what should/shouldn’t fall within a reviewer’s domain; whether ad hominem arguments are allowed

Chorus of women singing with cheek microphones, in costume

The name game

This term, I’ve been teaching a course at the wonderful institution that is City Lit entitled ‘What is Music?’. Across ten weeks, our class has been covering a range of topics around the development and perception and music from the creation of the earliest instruments to notation, tuning, the kind

Still learning

Now that summer has truly arrived, and my teaching schedule is thinning out, it’s time to start something new. Something practical. Something I need to learn from scratch, and which will help me (I hope) professionally as well as personally. Next Friday, I’m going to have my first driving lesson.

Us and Them

For the past few weeks, in preparation for next weekend’s extravaganza of English Song in beautiful Ludlow, I’ve been reading about, and listening to, a great deal of British music… and trying to determine what, exactly, makes it British. From Peter Ackroyd’s Albion to Raymond Williams’s sensational The Country and

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